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Liquor Stock Takes

Case Study - Dry Stock Takes

INSTRUCTIONS FROM CLIENT:- To provide an independent regular food stock audit to establish the Gross Profit Margin on food & to discuss ways of increasing overall profitability.

 ACTION TAKEN:- On the day of audit the food stock was counted with the chef. Information was taken from delivery notes & invoices, income figures & allowances noted. A single page computer report was produced detailing the following:-

  • Value of Opening Stock
  • Value of Closing Stock
  • Consumption
  • Takings
  • Gross Profit Margin

RECOMMENDATIONS:- Discussion with Client about ways to increase profitability including, looking at new suppliers, reducing purchasing costs, pricing of meals, menu size, portion control etc.

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What Stock Takes can do for you:-
  • Assist in securing gross margins
  • Help achieve business aims 
  • Overall contribution to the success and profitability of your business

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