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Liquor Stock Takes

Case Study - Year Ends

INSTRUCTIONS FROM CLIENT:- To provide Client’s Accountant with Year End Valuation of Wet & Dry Stock & to provide Client with Yearly Barrelage report.

 ACTION TAKEN:- Both wet & dry stock were counted & any changes to product costs were updated. A detailed, itemised valuation was produced after the close of business at the end of the financial year. This enabled both the Client & his Accountant to make meaningful accounts with accurate figures. It provided the Client with accurate & on-going valuations of stock which were useful for insurance polices & for formation of future trading policy. In addition, the Barrelage report was an extremely useful tool for negotiating barrelage discount & possible Advance Barrelage Discount as well.

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What Stock Takes can do for you:-
  • Assist in securing gross margins
  • Help achieve business aims 
  • Overall contribution to the success and profitability of your business

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