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A stitch in time….

Regularly working with your professional, independent stock taker throughout the year will cut down on nasty surprises come the year end. The production of a tailor-made computerised set of reports at the time of audit will help you get up-to-date & current information about the state of your business. These reports for wet stock auditing for example, generated by up-to-date software could include:-

  • opening & closing stock information
  • number of days stock holding
  • sales ratio information
  • overall surplus/deficit information
  • overall yield
  • overall Gross Profit Margin


In many cases the licensed outlet will have a PLU till which can produce a Z2 report for all sales by product. This information is useful to the Client for looking at product sales but for very little else. However, when it is cross-checked against the information produced by the Stock taker’s software any sales annomolies & sales differences can be pinpointed. Thus problem areas can be identified quickly.

These reports will enable your qualified stock taker to advise on different aspects of your business including:-

  • how your business is performing against current trends
  • how your business is performing historically
  • ways of maintaining & improving your Gross Profit Margin
  • identifying any stocking issues
  • pinpoint any pricing issues
  • making marketing & promotions more effective

Advice on Stock Management

After cash your most precious commodity will be your stock. Too much stock might cause a cash flow problem; too little stock might cause you to lose sales. Your qualified stock taker can advise you accordingly on looking at your stocking levels.

Advice on correct measures for liquor  & portion control for food products

Both correct measures for sales of liquor & portion control when serving food are fundamental to a successful business. We as your professional stock taker will can advise you about not only any legal requirements but on issues which will effect your trading profitability.

Advice of correct selling prices

Correct selling prices are fundamental to the trading success of any business & Clients always need to know what individual selling prices mean to the overall profitability of the business.

What does a particular promotion cost?

Good stock auditing will look at the particular cost to a business a particular promotion to ensure that the bottom line of any business is not damaged by a promotion such as Happy Hour! Or ‘Unhappy Hour’ as far as most businesses are concerned. We as a professional stock taker will advise against any promotions which incur costs to a business as identified from our reports. Often ‘soft’ promotions where consideration is given to better customer service, e.g. remembering customers names & their drinks orders can reap rewards.

These are just some of the ways we believe in which we can give you added value in our service to you, our Client.

To save your stitch in time, please take a look at our comprehensive services:

What Stock Takes can do for you:-
  • Assist in securing gross margins
  • Help achieve business aims 
  • Overall contribution to the success and profitability of your business

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