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Liquor Stock Takes


For anyone buying a licensed business professional advice and help on the day if not before is of paramount importance. Your relationship with an independent stock auditor should start then if not before the actual day of sale.

How will I benefit from using a professional stock taker?

A professional stock taker will represent your interests at the point of purchasing your new business. They will help advise you on the merits of buying certain liquor or food products and which products you probably don't actually need to buy just because they are offered for sale with the business.

A professional stock taker will:

  • establish the price paid for items & working in conjuction with the other parties stock taker will produce a fair & accurate valuation of products.
  • randomly test the liquor strength of certain products offered in the sale.
  • take meter readings for utitlities.
  • facilitate the purchase/sale of a business.

And before they go, the professional stock taker will advise any new business owner on the immediate pitfalls of trading & make arrangements for the first complete stock take. At Windsor Stock Auditing we like to develop long term relationships for the future benefit of all our clients. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To get a better idea of what happens in reality, please view our Case Study of a Valuation or have a look through an example valuation.

What Stock Takes can do for you:-
  • Assist in securing gross margins
  • Help achieve business aims 
  • Overall contribution to the success and profitability of your business

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